Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Jiggling Squeakies

The Daihatsu 2001 YRV TURBO is a very neat little car that's a whole lot of fun packed into a very small form factor.  One interesting statistic about this car is that it weighs only 1 metric ton, which is pretty light for a 4-wheeled conveyance.

One of the ways that Daihatsu saved on weight with the YRV was to use a drop-in styrofoam tray in the rear of the car to arrange "stuff" (like the tool kit) and also to provide a useful deck above the spare tire for cargo behind the rear seats.  Using styrofoam was a great idea - but this material has a terrible tendency to "squeak" when it comes into contact with other material types, like glass and painted metals.  Here's a demonstration:

So if you have a Daihatsu 2001 YRV TURBO, you might want to think about putting a soft buffering material between the drop-in styrofoam tray and the frame of the car itself, otherwise you may experience the kind of squeaking that could drive someone just crazy.


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